Aug 9, 2016

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Critical Components to Decide Upon When Designing Custom Pools in Tampa

Critical Components to Decide Upon When Designing Custom Pools in Tampa

Tampa is unique in the fact that the typical pool season lasts longer than other areas in the country. This long season means the pool can be enjoyed whenever there is an urge to go in. Since each backyard is unique, these are some of the items on the list for designing a custom pool.

One of the items on the list for Custom Pools in Tampa is what type of pool to go with. There are two basic types of pools. One is the fresh water pool which requires the use of chlorine to maintain its chemical balance. The other choice is a salt water pool which incorporates the sea as a means to regulate chemical balance. Take a few minutes to discuss the type of pool desired since this will influence the mechanical systems.

Another item on the list is the depth of the pool. While some of this is determined by the regulations and the relatively low sea level in Florida, the pool can still be fairly deep. This option is good for divers who like the extra depth. However, a more shallow depth may be preferred for exercise or competition practice. This preference is dependent on the needs of the family and how they enjoy the pool.

The width and length should also be decided upon with Custom Pools in Tampa. This feature is highly dependent upon the space allotted. There must be additional space to allow for a deck and a place to stash the mechanical system. To determine the overall scale of the pool, a proportional image should be rendered with the pool outlined in the backyard space. This will provide a realistic look at how the pool’s size will fit into the overall backyard space. Dimensions can be adjusted if the pool appears too small or large with the space.

A custom pool can bring years of enjoyment especially in an area where the pool season is extended. By choosing a type of pool, figuring out a depth and calculating the dimensions, the baseline for the design is set. Check out for help in the design process or to discover ideas that can be incorporated.

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