Jan 5, 2017

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Cremation: Becoming Our Favorite Last Act

More and more Americans are choosing cremation over burial and some of the reasons for that might surprise you. Of course, the number one reason is the lower cost. Cremations cost about one-third of a casket and embalming, but if you want to bury, then you must pay the cemetery fees. Another reason for the increased popularity is the fact that many people are no longer affiliated with any specific religion, and to them burial seems a religious tradition, while cremation seems more secular in nature,


With a Weymouth cremation, you eliminate all need for a quick burial so you can plan whatever type of service you feel is appropriate. You can hold it wherever you wish, a church, graveside, a beach, or a mountain top, the choices are limitless. Another advantage to a cremation is that you can keep your loved one with you if you wish, and they can move from place to place when you relocate.

Creative Ways to Display Remains

With cremation, families are building their own traditions and coming up with new and creative way to house their loved one’s remains. People have had remains made into fireworks and made into jewelry. If you can think of it, somebody somewhere can do it for you. Always keep in mind that every state has enacted laws regarding where, when, and how you can and cannot scatter ashes.

  • You may always choose you have the ashes buried at cemetery plot in an urn, either below or aboveground. You can find urns to fit any theme.

  • If it is possible, scatter the ashes at your loved one’s favorite place or a place they had always wanted to visit.

  • There are urns that are designed for placement is certain parts of the ocean that will turn into an artificial reef for fish and other ocean creatures.

Talk to any of the knowledgeable staff at MacKinnon Funeral Home. Inc., about all the options cremation offers.

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