Jun 17, 2015

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Creative Wood Crating in Dallas

Creative Wood Crating in Dallas

Most items that are shipped can be placed into a standard box or crate and sent off to a final destination. After all, there are several sizes from which to choose, and if something is fragile, you can add newspaper or bubble wrap. What do you do if it isn’t that simple? If you have to ship something that is small and fragile, odd shaped, or very heavy, a standard crate will not work. You will need a custom designed and built wooden crate to make sure your item(s) will arrive safely. Crating in Dallas offers custom crating for any sized object of any shape.

Crating and packing service has been successfully completed for artwork, large machinery, military equipment, fine china sets, sensitive electronic and diagnostic equipment, and fragile movie props. They can design a crate that will get your grandmother’s silver tea set safely to your daughter’s home in Sussex. Crates can have lined compartments, shelving, hinges, locks, and reinforced bracing. Foam can be used to support an odd shaped item, like your stuffed moose head from last year’s hunting trip. Vapor barrier bagging can be used to keep moisture away from the dials and sensors off that medical device that is being shipped overseas. Crating in Dallas can be designed for travel by air, sea, road, or rails. It can even be designed for moving and storage of your valuable and prized possessions.

Crating can be done on-site or off-site, and pick up and delivery services are available. Domestic and international shipping is handled, including meeting regulations and being in compliance with customs requirements. Storage and warehousing facilities are available with short or long-term rates and agreements. Pallets can also be customized to suit your needs. If your storage space is narrow, you can have a pallet made to fit that specific configuration. If you need to move sculptures or equipment that needs to be secured, a lipped pallet or one that has half a wall on it can be manufactured to fir the bill. You let them know what the need is, and they will accommodate it for you.

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