Sep 3, 2015

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Create Custom Casino Chips from Chocolate for Your Next Event

A great way to run a charitable event where the proceeds actually go to the correct parties is to have a faux casino night that encourages donors to donate to an allocated event and win chocolate! Ok so they may not exactly win chocolate, but you can absolutely present them with a tasty casino chip made from chocolate. You can also take it a step further and provide custom chocolate casino chips that have your logo and phone number on them so you have the chance to earn repeat business.

Ordering Custom Casino Chips Made from Chocolate Is Simple

Getting started with a custom chocolate casino chip order is simple. Once you have found a reputable distributor of chocolate coins, access their website and begin the ordering process. You will want to have your information handy so the process is seamless. First you will select the type of casino coin you want produced. Then you can start adding images, text, and your logo. The website itself will have specific instructions so you will be able to accurately provide the information you prefer for the coin. Once you have finished those steps, then you can place your order. Just be aware of the shipping times since there needs to be enough time to create the casino coins and actually get them shipped to you in a timely manner.

Have a Casino Night at Your Firm

Since gambling is illegal in some states, you can provide casino coins made from chocolate for a corporate gambling night. Although there may be no actual gambling, the event will be festive with colorful and tasty ‘casino chips’ made from chocolate. Your delicious coins have the potential to become a chocolate masterpiece that will not be soon forgotten. Different types of chocolate that are available for candy casino chips include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark mint chocolate. When you order premium Belgian chocolates your event is guaranteed to be a hit.

Pass Out Chocolate Coins that Look Like Casino Chips

You can coin a phrase on a casino chip made from chocolate that will ensure potential customers understand that using your services is no gamble, it’s a sweet reward. Logos are carefully imprinted in chocolate so your custom message is still there even after a chocolate coin is unwrapped. Have distinctive chocolate coins created to look like casino chips that are colorful and instantly grab attention. These types of chocolate coins are almost 3’ in diameter so they are the perfect size. Choosing a large chocolate coin for your next event, or just to hand out to potential customers and guests, is a great way to ensure your business is memorable.

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