Sep 5, 2017

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Create An Amazing Event With A Custom Casino Rental

Create An Amazing Event With A Custom Casino Rental

Finding the perfect theme for an office party, a team fundraiser, a birthday party or any other type of gathering can be a challenge. For a great option that is suitable for guests of all ages, a casino rental may be just the option you have been looking for.

A top casino party rental company can create an authentic casino experience in your home, office or rented party space. These companies will provide everything needed for real poker tables and roulette wheels and displays to slot machines and live dealers for all your favorite casino games.

What to Consider

Space will be a consideration when discussing your plants with the casino rental service. The best experience for guests will be an accurate reproduction of a real casino floor, so having enough space is critical.

For most tables, plan for about 50 square feet per table. This is a minimum space requirement, and the room configuration will also need to be considered. There will also have to be areas for people to watch the games, mix and mingle and to be able to comfortably walk between tables.

Most of the top casino rental services will have extensive experience in assisting you in planning the big event. The company should also be able to assist with themes and designing ideas; there are lots of great options to choose from that highlight the casino focus.

Staffing and Support

The rental companies may be able to provide bartenders and servers, which is always an added plus to consider. All of the live dealers should also be experts at what they do, providing information for guest on how to play the games and making it a special night for everyone.

Keep in mind, if you are booking a casino night for a holiday, be sure to book in advance. Top companies like Casino Parties, LLC. are often booked up well in advance, so give us a call today at 888-340-1873 to avoid disappointment.

To learn more about the benefits of casino rental from Casino Parties, LLC, contact us today. Additional information is available online at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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