Apr 25, 2014

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Could Your Community Benefit from Having Mobile Health Units?

In any community, there are people who fall through the cracks. They don’t receive even the most basic of medical attention because they don’t have access to transportation or funds to pay for services. To help to combat this growing phenomenon, some communities have started to offer medical services via mobile health units.

How it Works

A mobile health unit is a vehicle that has been specially designed to offer medical services. This could be a van, bus, or truck that has room to provide simple tests, wellness visits, and education. They are usually staffed with a nurse practitioner and nurses, but can also be staffed with doctors, dentists, or other medical staff as well.

Most communities that offer mobile health units have a schedule of where they will be and people in that area can visit the clinic when they arrive. This can be a great way to serve in under serviced areas where people do not have access to transportation to go to a regular clinic. Seniors, children, homeless people, and families in need can receive basic medical treatment and have someone check on them. With regularly scheduled visits, medical staff can connect with the community and create positive relationships in the neighborhood.

Services Offered

Depending on the needs in your community, mobile health units can offer many different services. Your vehicle can be designed to maximize space and provide room for treatments like check-ups, wellness visits, counselling, prescription renewals, vaccinations, and even dentistry. Some communities also have social workers and case managers available to assist community members. They can provide follow-up and referrals to other programs offered in your community that can assist them going forward.

Benefits of Mobile Health Units

Providing health care in a mobile setting is a wonderful way to reach out to those who require medical attention in the community. Doing this can keep people healthy or keep them from becoming more ill. Catching simple medical issues early can curb them before they become more serious. Mobile health units can be used as a community outreach to serve those who are underserviced and will show them that they are valued members of society.

Using mobile health units is a non-traditional way to bring basic medical services to those who most need them in your community.

If your community is ready to offer mobile health units, Mobile Specialty Vehicles would like to help you to design a custom unit. Visit Mobilespecialtyvehicles.com for more information.

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