Apr 5, 2014

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Could Epoxy Flooring Solve Your Decorating Problem?

It can be challenging to find beautiful, multi-purpose, and easy-maintenance floor materials. However, Epoxy Flooring can solve these problems and more. Is is ideal for those who are building a home, remodeling, or need to freshen up a commercial space. Made from several layers of epoxy, the flooring is at least two millimeters thick, and consists of resins and hardeners. When mixed together, they form a strong, thick material that bonds well to substrates and resists degrading. It is beautiful enough for homes, and tough enough for industrial use.

Professionals, such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation, can show clients a gallery of Epoxy Flooring options, that include:

*   SELF DISPERSING – Exceptionally strong, and ideal for heavy traffic areas.

*   SELF DISPERSING WITH QUARTZ SAND – The same qualities as self dispersing epoxy, but offers anti-slip properties

  SELF LEVELING – A great option for kitchens and dining rooms, since these floors are easy to clean and look beautiful.

*   MORTAR – Exceptionally strong, mortar materials are often applied before other epoxy floors are laid.

*   GRAVELED – The most decorative option, graveled epoxy floors are the most complicated to lay, and have outstanding anti-slip properties.

  TERRAZO – Ideal for large areas, Terrazo flooring is exceptionally decorative.

*   ANTISTATIC – Often used in sensitive industrial areas and other places where static can be a problem.

*   FLAKED FLOORING – Epoxy that contains decorative chips or flakes. The flakes add texture that creates an anti-slip surface and can be custom designed to suit any decor.

Epoxy flooring is in the same family as other poured, seamless options that include urethane, acrylic, and flexible systems. These choices are ideal for commercial and residential kitchens and laboratories, since they are antimicrobial and have no grout. Many homeowners choose to install poured floor coverings in patios and garages. There are dozens of colors and styles available, so it is easy for customers to create custom flooring.

Epoxy flooring can solve decorating problems for commercial or residential clients who want easy-maintenance, beautiful options. In addition to epoxy, customers can choose a variety of other seamless, grout-free materials that can be customized to fit any decor.


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