Mar 15, 2014

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Cosmetic dentists are concerned with your oral health

There are a number of dental procedures that are designed to enhance a patients looks and smile, the individual who specializes in performing this work is commonly known as a cosmetic dentist in Downers Grove. A cosmetic dentist is a qualified general dentist who has taken additional training in the various cosmetic procedures that are designed to enhance the smile rather than to repair a specific problem.

Although the cosmetic dentist in Downers Grove focuses his or her practice on the cosmetic side of dentistry that does not mean that oral health is neglected. Long before cosmetic treatments can progress the patients overall oral health must be in tip-top shape. Once the teeth are sound and healthy, then the cosmetic dentist can undertake procedures such as teeth whitening, chip repairs and veneers, dental implants and replacing fillings with color matched material. Many cosmetic dentists also fit Invisalign® braces which are used to align the teeth like traditional braces but they are not obvious. In many cases, as the teeth themselves are healthy there is no medical demand for cosmetic dentistry, the procedures are done so that patients regain confidence in themselves and take pride in their smile.

A cosmetic dentist is a “smile designer.” Once the teeth have had routine maintenance and repair the dentist works hand in hand with the patient, striving to achieve the look and feel that the patient is dreaming of. The initial repair and maintenance is very important if the result is to be flawless teeth. Many cosmetic dental practices offer general dentistry services as well as cosmetic services; there are practices however that focus exclusively on one service or the other. In many cases patients elect to work with a dental clinic that provides full service, it is more convenient and the patient gets to know the dentist better.

People who are in the public eye are usually very conscious of their appearance and visiting a cosmetic dentist is as important to them as visiting a cosmetic surgeon if they wish to advance their careers. However, you do not have to be a TV personality or model to want the best smile possible as a great smile bolsters the confidence of everyone.

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