Jan 20, 2020

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Cosmetic Dentistry – What Treatments Are Available?

Going to a dentist isn’t always about fillings and root canals, there are some treatments available that make you feel better about yourself as well. Dentists, such as the Dentist in Fargo ND have a variety of cosmetic treatments available. Depending on what you need done, there are different treatments for different issues.

Size and Shape of Teeth

If you have been bothered by the size and shape of your teeth, there is a treatment to correct the issue. When you first go to the dentist for this issue, they will give you an exam to see what could be done. Most of the time they will recommend porcelain veneers. This procedure will help fill any space of mising teeth, stop any teeth from being out of position, and help the overall size and shape of your teeth.

After a Root Canal or Filling

After you get a root canal or a filling, you may dislike the look of the filling that you can see on your tooth. To cover up that look, your dentist can provide porcelain crowns, or also called caps. This type of treatment is no only great for covering up the filling, but also for broken teeth, decayed teeth, and cosmetic enhancement.

Dental Implants

When you hear the news that you have to get one or more of your teeth extracted, you may feel a little uneasy. However, there is a option for dental implants. This can be done without affecting the surrounding teeth. Having the dental implant(s) is going to help you restore your ability to be able to chew food easier, as well as restoring the facial tissues.

Cosmetic dentistry has even more procedures, such as porcelain onlays, composite fillings, porcelain fixed bridges, and tooth whitening. Making a visit to your Dentist in Fargo ND is the first step you need to take to determine which procedure is right for you. Depending on what you would like done, and depending on the exam, your dentist will tell you which treatment option is the best for you. Not each person is qualified for each treatment, so it is important for that first initial exam. For more information, Visit website.

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