Aug 14, 2015

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Cosmetic Dentistry In Chicago Offers Many Options

Cosmetic Dentistry In Chicago Offers Many Options

Most people in Chicago have heard of cosmetic dentistry before, but rarely understand much about it. They probably think that they can get their teeth whitened quickly, but little else. While tooth whitening is part of the process, there are many ways to achieve whiter teeth. They can also straighten them and do other things. Traditional dentists usually help with your tooth and gum health, though they can offer some elective options. However, Elective dentists will focus more on your teeth’s appearance.


Because it considered elective, most insurance companies will not pay for the treatment. Unless you can show it is medically necessary, you’ll probably pay for treatment alone. Some treatments can cost upwards of $4,000, but some can be as little as $300. Therefore, it is important that you and your family are financially stable before attempting to take on such hefty payments.

Full Makeovers

Full mouth makeovers can include various treatments to achieve the best look for you. This can include whitening, reshaping and lengthening, as well as straightening options. Many people consider it a “facelift” for the mouth.


If you have small teeth that seem to be almost covered by your gums, you may have a gummy smile. It can be treated by lengthening the crowns of the teeth and can also help with an uneven gum line. To even out the gums, your extra tissue will be removed to expose more of the crown.


In some cases, you may have teeth that look misshapen, either through accident or irregular growth. The teeth can be reshaped by removing or modifying enamel, which can make them look more traditional. In most cases, this treatment is combined with a bonding treatment.


Veneers are custom-made shells made of porcelain that are thin. They are glued to the front of your current teeth to help disguise problems, such as imperfections or severe discoloration.


Most people with cracked, chipped or broken teeth will choose to use bonding procedures to help. Tooth-colored materials are bonded to the surface of the tooth and can help with large gaps between the teeth, as well as severe stains


For those with moderate or mild stains on the teeth, in-house whitening can help. It is also called bleaching and is usually done in the dentist’s office. However, there are take-home kits from the dentist that can also be used.

Cosmetic dentistry in Chicago is becoming popular because it allows you to change your smile and appearance. Visit Art of Modern Dentistry today to learn more.

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