Dec 5, 2013

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Copper Roofing in Greenwich, CT Offers Several Benefits

Copper roofing, once a very popular material that fell out of favor for a while, is regaining popularity among homeowners who appreciate its appearance as well as its virtually maintenance-free attributes. Although copper is a more expensive material to use than asphalt, wood or slate, it offers so many benefits that it will quickly pay for itself in the areas of maintenance costs and safety. If you need a new roof, you should consider Copper Roofing in Greenwich, CT installed by Double R All Home Improvements, even if you’ve used other kinds of roofing materials in the past.

Once copper roofing is installed, you practically need never give it another thought. Maintenance requirements are almost non-existent with copper roofing. Unlike other, less expensive roofing materials, copper roofing doesn’t allow moss, mold or mildew to grow. Infestations of insects that can often occur in wood roofing materials aren’t a problem in copper roofing. The material is durable, which means that it lasts much longer than more common types of roofing. In fact, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to have the same copper roof on your home for more than 50 years and possibly as long as 100 years.

A benefit of copper roofing that you might not realize is its safety factors. Copper roofing is practically impervious to fire since copper itself is inflammable. This makes copper an excellent choice as a roofing material in areas that are prone to fires. Copper also is a very good water deterrent, preventing leaks from getting into your rafters and eaves, even during heavy rainstorms. For added protection, manufacturers advise installing an underlying layer of copper beneath the copper shingles. Finally, copper roofing is lightweight and is also strong enough to withstand heavy snows that might cause other roofs to collapse.

The curb appeal of copper can’t be overstated. Potential home buyers understand the up-front cost of copper roofing and thus see that you’ve spent money on the upkeep of your home. The patina, or color a copper roof takes on as it interacts with sun, rain and natural aging, is one of the benefits people cite when asked why they like copper roofing. Choosing Copper Roofing in Greenwich, CT will show everyone who sees it that you value your home’s exterior appearance. It’s obvious that you show the same attention to detail inside your home as well, a sign prospective owners appreciate.

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