Aug 14, 2015

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Coping With Depression While Living in a Nursing Home in Waldorf MD

Today’s nursing facilities are greatly improved from those of years gone by with pet visits, gardens, and larger rooms. For many elderly people, however, moving into a nursing home represents nothing but a loss of independence. Most patients won’t admit to being depressed, and families must be on the lookout for warning signs of depression.

Depression in Older Adults can be Hard to Spot

All too often, depression is regarded as part of the aging process. Depression can have either a psychological or a physical cause, and while medication and therapy are helpful, knowing a cause can help families find better treatments.

How Families can Help Elderly Relatives Cope with Depression

Depressed residents of a Nursing Home in Waldorf MD can benefit from therapy and lifestyle changes such as exercise, stimulation and socialization. It can be helpful to get families involved in a supporting role, such as volunteering at the nursing facility or coming to visit more often. Below are some other ways families can help:

* Encourage socialization: Being around like-minded adults is a form of therapy, and nursing homes offer ample opportunities for residents to form close personal connections.

* Help the resident find an interest: A lack of purpose can contribute to depression in the elderly. Hobbies such as sewing and gardening are stimulating, and they encourage social interaction. Most nursing homes have daily events for seniors of all ability levels and interests.

* Talk candidly: A loved one might wish to talk but may not know how to get the conversation started. Leave the door open, so to speak, but don’t force the issue.

* Enhance his or her surroundings: Making the room feel more like home can boost a senior’s mood. Add things such as family keepsakes, photos, plants and furniture to lend a homey feel to the resident’s room.

* Encourage physical activity: Mild exercise has enormous psychological benefits, and families can tailor the activity to their loved one’s abilities. Even those who cannot exercise because of physical limits can benefit from sitting outside in the light and fresh air.

There are many ways to help elderly family members cope with depression while living in a Nursing Home in Waldorf MD, but the biggest way is to contact us and to be an advocate. By requesting the staff to regularly check on the patient, and by forming a care plan, the family member’s depression can be addressed.

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