Coping Skills That Your Opiate Abuse Therapist in Navarre FL Can Teach You

Overcoming an opiate addiction can be challenging. It requires you to devote months of concentration and willpower. You also may need to work with a team of specialists who can treat you medically and psychologically to help you get past your temptations to use again.

Your opiate abuse therapist in Navarre, FL, will be just as important to your health as your medical doctor during your treatment. This healthcare professional can teach you coping skills that can lower your temptation to use and lapse back into your addiction.

Distraction Skills

One of the first skills that your opiate abuse therapist in Navarre, FL, might teach involves distracting yourself when you are tempted to use drugs again. Keeping yourself distracted can be imperative to teaching your mind to function without the use of drugs. The key is to distract yourself with activities that are constructive and healthy.

Some of the activities that your counselor might encourage you to take part in include exercise, arts and crafts and music. These activities are mindful and keep you focused on the present. You can overcome your addiction minute by minute.

Opposite to Emotion Action

Another skill that you can learn involves using actions that are opposite to what you are feeling. When you are tempted to use again, you could feel anxious and antsy. However, if you act calm and happy, you can progressively train your brain to match your emotions to your actions.

You can find out more about seeing an opiate abuse therapist in Navarre, FL, online. To know more, contact Business Name.

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