Dec 5, 2013

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Convert the Water in Your Home from Hard to Soft with Water Softeners in Katy, TX

Eliminating hard water from your home provides many benefits that you may not know about. Water containing minerals like calcium and magnesium is considered hard water. Hard water makes up about 80 percent of the water in the United States. Hard water makes your white clothes look gray after you do your laundry. Buying or renting a water softening system reduces your frustration by taking on and resolving this problem. Once minerals like calcium and magnesium are removed, soft water remains from the process. Removing these minerals does not deprive your body of the nutrients calcium and magnesium. These minerals exist in their inorganic form, so the body cannot digest them. Water softening systems reduce soap scum on shower walls and mineral buildup in appliances and water heaters. Business Name offers Water Softeners in Katy, TX that reduce the use of soaps, detergents, shampoos, fabric softeners, and dry skin issues.

Soft water increases the lifespan of your drainage system and works better with the soaps you use. Ions in hard water restrict the purposes of soaps. Ions in hard water cause the buildup of soap scum or limescale, which is the hard, white residue found on the inside of old pipes where hard water has vaporized. This substance reduces the effectiveness of your dishwasher or water heater over time. The U.S. Department of the Interior describes water as being slightly hard when it has 1 to 3.5 grains of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates per gallon occurring naturally in it. Devices claiming to use magnetism or electrical energy as a water softening procedure are exaggerated and unprovable claims.

The Water Quality Association ensures merchandise meets testing requirement standards and that business meet program policies. The Water Quality Association keeps a record of items that have been confirmed and verified to NSF/ANSI standards. Never use hot or warm softened water from the tap for cooking or drinking water because it may contain a higher concentration in heavy metals. Systems equipped with a carbon filter improve the overall quality of your drinking water. The Water Softeners in Katy, TX you purchase should meet NSF/ANSI 44 requirements.

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