Jul 31, 2018

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Contractors Providing Septic Services in Mcdonough GA Offer Recommendations About Water Usage

When a family moves into a rural home with a septic tank for the first time, they may need to adjust their water usage and some other activity. They’ll also need to have the tank pumped occasionally, as the container gradually fills up over time. For Septic Services Mcdonough GA rural residents must call a licensed contractor to have this routine maintenance done on the system.

No Excessive Water Use

One recommendation from a contractor like MTG Services is to spread laundry loads out over several days instead of doing all the wash on a Saturday. The tank holds only a certain number of gallons and has to send the liquid out to the leach field too quickly when it’s overloaded. It’s also best not to have four or five people showering consecutively or to do several loads of laundry right after a few people take showers.

Just as the tank can only hold so many gallons of water, the drain field also has a maximum saturation capacity. If it’s already saturated from the home’s water use and then rain falls, liquid sewage may bubble up to the ground surface of the yard. Normally, that material stays far below the surface and is gradually cleaned through natural soil filtering.

No Harsh Cleansers

Another aspect regarding laundry is to avoid powdered detergents, which may contain fillers that just collect in the tank. Too much bleach should be avoided, as it kills the friendly bacteria necessary for breaking down waste. Another consideration related to soap is to get rid of antibacterial hand soap. If it’s designed to kill bacteria, it will be harmful to microorganisms in the septic tank.

No Oily Substances

When it comes to Septic Services Mcdonough GA technicians, advise customers not to pour cooking oil down drains because it ends up in the tank, which is not designed to manage this greasy material. The friendly bacteria have trouble breaking it down, and eventually, it can create clogs in the leach field. A related issue is the use of hot oil treatments and oily conditioners on hair. Washing those substances down the drain and into the tank is inadvisable.

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