May 7, 2013

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Contracting for an Electrical System for your New Home

You have been saving money and waited a long time to finally be able to build your own home. You scoured the Internet getting new home ideas and cut clippings out of magazines. The architect finished your plans and you are anxious to get started. Now you need to find the contractors to get the specialized work accomplished.At the present time you are looking to contract an electrician to do your electrical work. You need somebody to install the electrical system for your new home.

A person or business that performs construction work related to the design and installation of an electrical system is called an electrical contractor. The specialized work of Electrical Contractors is a $130 billion industry in the United States. Through the electrical contractor you hope to find a licensed, experienced tradesman to do the work for you.

Electrical Contractors are normally classified by three types of work that they perform. Outside or line contractors are responsible for the high voltage power transmission and distribution. These contractors keep the infrastructure that services the homes by delivering electricity to them in working order. Inside electrical contractors provide electricity to a structure such as the new home you are building. Inside electrical contractors can also serve as prime contractors. Electrical contractors who work with low-voltage installations such as wireless networks, energy efficient lighting are called Integrated building systems contractors.

Electrical Contractors receive training to prepare them for entering the electrical field. They will most likely be required to pass a test and become licensed depending on regulatory standards. In the United States to become an electrical contractor they have to be tested on local and state building codes, electrical theory and the National Electrical Code. Some states may even require them to have to have a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering or a minimum of previous work experience as an electrician. Ongoing education to keep up with current electrical codes is also required.

A good way to find an electrical contractor in your area is through your local phone book. A Google search is also a good way. Now that you know the basic idea about what an electrical contractor is and does, you are ready to begin with the installation of electricity in your new home.

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