Jan 7, 2014

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Contemporary Still Life Artists: A Fascinating View

Art moves us and transports us to another time and another place. It allows for one to disconnect and yet reconnect in a way that can be described so much as experienced.

Art defines who we are, and yet transcends us far from our mortal core, creating a sense of ambiguity within us, regardless of status or accomplishments. Art is the external designs of the most imaginative minds that breathe life into images. Art deserves to live and to tell its story to all who observe and listen.

Nicole Alger a contemporary still life artist who creates works that touch the beholder with impeccable grace. Swirling elixirs of color that slowly become paintings, she creates reflections of the breath of life that we all breathe but fail to realize.

As the human race goes forward to conquer the dragons of our modern day society, many lose sight of the real picture before them and only when reminded of it do we stop and consider our own destiny.

The talent and gift that Nicole Alger bestows upon the world is one both needed and desired within the depths of the human heart. Art allows us to see, to hear and to feel that which is dormant for so long, but when faced with its own image, springs to life and becomes one with everyone.

Today’s contemporary still life artist captures the true energy of life, creating masterpieces of a flow and balance of life in art that ignites the imagination and brings peace & healing to the mind & soul.

Artists like this offer much needed vitality to life. Life can be draining – it’s easy enough to see when you look into the faces of people who are struggling every day to survive and continue through this journey. Intuitive suggestions created on the canvas develop images that encompass the strength and the focus of all experiences both triumphant and tragic.

Art tells a story and provides us hope for another day, another time and another life.

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