Apr 18, 2014

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Contemporary Shamanism is a Powerful Tool for Dealing With Modern Life

Our ancestors lived their daily lives in a world of great physical strife, their survival inextricably linked to the benevolent forces of nature. They had an intrinsic understanding of their interdependence with all living things. Theirs was not a world of compartmentalization, but one of a holistic knowingness of how their lives and livelihoods were connected to the mysterious world of Spirit. When apparently insoluble problems stymied them, they would enter this spirit world for advice, the acquisition of power or particular outcomes, often finding that these journeys would yield everything they needed. This knowledge has been lost to many in modern times, just when it seems that people need such shamanic healing techniques and rituals most. Thankfully, a number of practitioners of contemporary shamanism have preserved these ancient techniques, and can teach it to those who are receptive.

One can learn contemporary shamanism at LightSong School, for example, and acquire a new set of tools for dealing with the complexities of modern life. The direct, unerring knowledge acquired through shamanic study of rituals, shamanic journeying, and other energy healing techniques allow the practitioner to find solutions to work-and-family-related problems that would never be available by typical means. A shamanic healer learns to perceive and handle the energy of the spirit world directly, and in so doing begins to realize the enormous potential that lies within each of us.

LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine emphasizes practical, pragmatic ways of conveying this knowledge to those interested in pursuing shamanic study.

As the ability to perceive the energies of the spirit world has become less common, it has turned into something esoteric-seeming where it once was common knowledge. The teachers at this school are proficient in providing shamanic practitioner training that provides practical, empirically-based lessons that allow students to learn through their own results, and in so doing overcome skepticism, doubt, or other resistances inherent in modern cultural attitudes.

Students who advance along the paths of contemporary shamanism find their total being unfolding in powerful, fulfilling ways. New dimensions of existence are revealed with every new lesson, and the student becomes ever more in tune with the harmonies of the energy that constitutes the universe. Where they once struggled and fretted in relationships with acquaintances, loved ones, and peers, they find that through their changed energy fields they are more able to handle the situations that may arise with grace, and ease. In the course of their journeys, they become more complete beings, and return to themselves enriched.

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