Feb 4, 2019

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Contacting Emergency Plumbing Services in Edmond OK When A Pipe Bursts

Contacting Emergency Plumbing Services in Edmond OK When A Pipe Bursts

When a pipe breaks in a home due to freezing, finding an Emergency Plumbing Services in Edmond OK is necessary so only minimal damage to the structure occurs. An emergency plumber will fix broken piping so water can once again be used without incident. Afterward, use the following steps to keep pipes in the home from breaking again in the future.

Invest In Insulation

Keep pipes warm by adding layers of insulation to those exposed to cooler temperatures. Piping insulation is sold in hardware stores or home goods shops and is easy to apply to pipes that need added warmth so the freezing of their contents does not occur. Foam sleeves or insulating plumbing tape both work well and do not cost a lot. Add these to pipes in the winter months for added protection against freeze ups.

Add Some Heat

In spots where piping is exposed, consider adding some heat to keep the contents of them from freezing. Pipes located in garages, crawlspaces, and basements are prone to freezing as the temperature in these locations are usually cooler than in the rest of the home. A space heater can help keep them from breaking. Open the cabinets underneath sinks so pipes get extra heating as well.

Keep Faucets Dripping

When freezing temperatures are expected, turn on faucets to sinks to allow water to drip slowly. Use the cold water spigot rather than the hot water one to avoid unnecessary energy use. The movement inside of the piping system will help to keep it from becoming frozen. When temperatures rise, turn off spigots.

Call A Plumber For Help

If there are any questions pertaining to way to keep pipes from bursting, an evaluation conducted by a plumber is helpful. They will come to the home, check over pipes, and offer recommendations to keep water from freezing inside of them.

When a pipe bursts, contacting one of the Emergency Plumbing Services in Edmond OK is best. Take a look at a website like Plumbgenius.com to find out more about the services they provide or to make an appointment for an assessment of a plumbing system today. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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