Nov 26, 2013

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Contact a Rental Management Company Today

Some individuals who purchase and rent out properties have a tendency to misjudge a suitable rate for their investment property. Many owners choose to charge an amount that falls into the same price bracket as their mortgage payments, which is not always beneficial. Finding a happy medium in terms of setting a rental rate is imperative to collecting high returns and garnering a profit. Whether you own a small family home, large duplex, or high-rise apartment building, a rental management company can help you compare your property to similar ones on the market and configure a rate that is appropriate and promising.

Keep Renters Interested
Property managers are trained to know the ins and outs of the local rental markets and will apply their knowledge to your property to help you determine the perfect rate. If you have experienced long periods of vacancy since you placed your property on the market, the high price of your rent may be driving away prospective tenants. If your property’s overall value justifies asking for a higher monthly payment from tenants, then you will likely benefit from that. However, if your property’s value is equal to less expensive rentals on the market, you may be inadvertently prolonging vacancies on your property.

Don’t Lose Profits
Just as asking too much for your rental property can affect your returns, so can asking too little. It is important to understand the value of what you have, investment properties included. Placing your rent amount below what is appropriate for the local market may fill vacancies, but it likely will not fund the cost of maintaining your investment. Usually, owners are faced with a number of expenses that are required to keep their property safe, clean, and appealing to the eye. Owners who often find themselves in situations of uncertainty may benefit from rental management. East County CA professionals help investors better manage their finances by demanding fair rental rates.

For expert guidance on finding the proper rental rate for your investment, consult Real Property Management. As a company with over 2 ½ decades of experience working with investors, you can feel confident in their advice. For more information, visit

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