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Are you looking for a residential or commercial fence? Do you need a fence to provide privacy or safety? If so, there are several types of fence systems available at Precision Fence Company, a fence contractor in Nassau County. Customers can choose between vinyl, wood or ornamental fences. With a wide selection of colors and custom option, finding a fence should be easy. There are also other products other than fencing that can be purchased. Most of the other products offered benefit from having a fence installed around them.

One type of fence to choose from is vinyl. Vinyl fences contain railings made from 100% Virgin Vinyl and the highest rated UV protective coating. Vinyl fences come in different sizes with custom or curved rail gates. White cedar, red cedar and spruce fencing are others choices and are made out of wood and are perfect for providing a landscape accent. Chain link fences are popular choices for places of business as well as for homes. They do help with safety but are usually not used for privacy purposes. Ornamental and steel fencing add a touch of elegance while still being practical.

Once you decide you would like to have a fence installed you can contact a fence contractor in Nassau County. You then pick out which fence will work best for you. You can also check out other products sold at Precision Fence Company such as swing sets, sheds, garages, gazebos and play houses. PVC, Pine and Cedar swing sets are all in stock and so are A-Frame style sheds and 10×20' A-Frame garages. Gazebos in Nassau County are made out of classic wood and are octagon shaped. They are not only beautiful but are used to provide shade and as a spot to relax. Play houses are for kids and come in several sizes and colors. Some play houses even have their own porch and balcony!

It is amazing how much you can do with outdoor space. You can transform your backyard into an oasis with the installment of a fence or an addition of a playset, storage, shelter or gazebo. Your yard can become a place where you can unwind by yourself or entertain family and friends.

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