May 5, 2014

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Consulting A Traffic Violatons Attorney In Rockwall, TX About Your Case

Texas traffic violations incur a multitude of penalties and charges. Among the highest penalties are license and registration suspension. The DMV for Rockwall County advises drivers to become familiar with the infractions that could accumulate enough points that lead to these suspensions. Any driver who is facing a conviction for any infraction should call a Traffic Violations Attorney in Rockwall TX to defend them.

The Probability of License Suspension

The primary traffic violation that leads to license suspension is a DUI or DWI. Among the additional infractions are failure to stop, passing school buses, and presentation of fraudulent driver’s licenses. Common violations are driving with a suspended or invalid license, negligent driving, failing to stop for school buses, and citations in other states.

Drivers Under 21

Any driver who is under the age of twenty-one who receives two or more traffic citations within one year will receive a license suspension. The DMV has the authority to suspend their license at any time that they fail to pay fines applied to their driving record. The state has a no-tolerance policy for minor consumption of alcohol and DUI.

Commercial Drivers and Traffic Violations

At any time that a commercial driver receives a moving violation, he or she is required by law to inform their employer and the motor vehicle licensing agency in which they receive their CDL. Penalties that are applied to commercial drivers when they are convicted of a traffic violation.

These drivers receive a suspension if they are convicted of DUI, fleeing the scene of an accident, commit a vehicle-related felony, or refusal to submit to chemical testing. When they cause a fatality in an automobile accident, their license is suspended based on the circumstances that apply.

Serious traffic violations result in a suspension of the driver’s CDL. A sixty-day sentence is incurred whenever the driver fails to comply with two FMCSA regulations within one year. A one hundred-twenty-day suspension is applied to commercial drivers who commit up to three serious violations within three years.

Any commercial driver who is convicted of a second DUI charge loses their CDL indefinitely. Drivers who are facing serious charges should contact a Traffic Violations Attorney in Rockwall TX to help them achieve an acquittal or dismissal of charges. For more information visit Law Office of Tim Hartley.

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