Jan 29, 2015

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Considering Different Elements to Use With Headstones in CT

For people who see the value in making their final arrangements in advance, paying some attention to ideas for Headstones in CT is a wise move. In many cases, all the details can be worked out in advance, and the stone can be put in place long before the individual passes away. With nothing left to arrange but the addition of the death date to the stone, the family has one less decision to make. Here are some suggestions for elements to consider when selecting that headstone.

The Materials to UseHeadstones in CT can be constructed using a number of materials. Granite is a common choice, owing to the durability and the fact that it will engrave easily without fracturing. Marble is another option worth considering. There is even the possibility of adding bronze to the mix, especially in terms of a bronze plate attached to a granite or marble stone. Size and ShapeAnother point to ponder is the size and shape of the headstone. Click here for more details.

Before spending a lot of time on these factors, find out if any specific regulations apply to the cemetery where the client plans on being buried. At times, the size and shape are left to the discretion of the person who buys the burial plot. Other cemeteries have limitations on the dimensions of markers, headstones, and monuments. Opting for something that is in line with those guidelines will mean less trouble for loved ones in the years to come.

The InscriptionThere is also the matter of deciding what to use for an inscription. The full name, accompanied by the birth and death dates, is considered basic. Consider adding a passage of scripture, a quote from a favorite literary work, or maybe even a saying that will have meaning to those left behind. It is also possible to add embellishments that bring to mind a favorite hobby or pastime. For those who are not sure what to do with their headstones, work with the team at Shelley Brothers Monuments. They can provide some ideas based on the likes of the client and any cemetery guidelines that must be observed. When the time comes, they can also arrange to return to the cemetery and add the final inscription. domain URL for more details.

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