Jun 26, 2019

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Consider These Three Things Before Having the Kitchen Gutted

Consider These Three Things Before Having the Kitchen Gutted

It’s been said the kitchen is the heart of the home. The saying came from an older saying “the kitchen is the hearth of the home.” People used to cook with pans inside a huge fireplace. The hearth then doubled as a heater for the whole dwelling.

While having a kitchen renovation in Fort Lauderdale, FL, isn’t going to result in a huge fireplace, contractors can make the kitchen the focus of a home. Before any homeowner thinks of gutting the kitchen, these three things should be considered.

Homeowners who stay in their homes aren’t obligated to stock the kitchen with innovations buyers want. They can use quartz or travertine counters, install retro appliances or modern, or keep the deep blue cabinets as opposed to getting walnut cabinets as they wish. If homeowners are selling the house, then installing new hardware, cabinets, and appliances are often more important than gutting the kitchen completely.
Is the Trendy Kitchen Practical?

Is This a Stay or Sell House?

What doth it profit a cook to have trendy open shelves so high that he/she can’t reach plates and serving platters? If homeowners aren’t going for cabinetry in favor of open shelves, they should make sure their contractor knows how tall they are before the contractor begins their kitchen renovation in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If the kitchen is small, then consider deep drawers and divided drawers as well as cabinets for cooking essentials like pots and pans.

Is the Kitchen a Cookie-Cutter Design?

Homeowners strive to redo the kitchen with resale in mind. Unfortunately, they all come out looking cold and colorless. A little color and personality goes a long way to rendering a kitchen warm and inviting. Don’t be afraid to ha111ng brightly colored art works in the kitchen or use colorful Fiesta ware. Little touches make a big statement.

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