Oct 22, 2014

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Consider Rocktape Shin Skins While CrossFit Training

Getting fit can be easy and fun with CrossFit training exercises and videos, but many people complain that it hurts their legs too badly to consider doing all the time. If you enjoy CrossFit exercises, but have a lot of pain in your legs while completing them, consider Rocktape Shin Skins to help.

CrossFit Explanation

For those considering CrossFit, it is important to learn about it. During this type of training, the natural movements you make are varied and put together in such a way as to train the body. There are different workouts and each will challenge your body. Many times, CrossFit training involves weightlifting, gymnastics, power lifting, endurance and cardio to create an overall challenge. Because you are doing many different exercises that involve the legs, Rocktape shin skins can help keep your skins protected. You may also want to have knee protection.

What are Shin Skins?

The shin is the part of the leg between the ankle and knee and usually takes the brunt of the beating during a rigorous exercise routine, such as CrossFit. You may be performing rope or rock climbs, deadlifts, squats and more. While you need to strength train for your quads and all areas of the legs, the shins shouldn’t be punished.

The shin skin is a sleeve that fits over the shin area of the body. It is a tight-fitting sleeve made from breathable Lycra and neoprene so that it is stretchable and breathable. They are made specifically to not slip or move while working out.

Rocktape shin skins will protect you from bruises, scrapes, burns and can support the calf muscles.

How to Use Them

When you purchase Boxfreak Rocktape shin skins pair, you will receive two similar guards, one for each leg. The front is usually thicker than the back and is easy to put on and take off due to the zipper. Simply unzip the zipper, place it around the shin, and zip it back up.


There are generally two sizes for shin skins, including small/medium and large/extra large. If your calf is less than 15 inches around, you should use the smaller option and for those calves bigger than 15 inches, the larger version should better. While the Rocktape shin skins are meant to be close-fitting, they should not be extremely tight as that can cause problems with blood circulation and other problems. For more information, check out our profile at:

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