Dec 19, 2014

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Consider Bee Removal in Oceanside

Consider Bee Removal in Oceanside

No one likes having bugs in or around their home. They have the name “pests” for a reason. Of course, some pests in the Oceanside area are worse than others. For example, the popular Africanized Honey Bee can cause problems for residents, among other pests. Be sure to contact a professional for help removing these and other pests.

Many Oceanside homes have small cracks in the floors, ceilings, sidewalks outside or other areas. Bees burrow into these cracks as well as through the ventilation system, roof lines and any small window gaps that allow for just enough room that a small creature can fit through. The bees like these tight spaces to create their beehives or honeycomb. If any hive or nest is noticed, call a professional exterminator immediately. Make sure the company has experts in bee removal in Oceanside. Effectively removing a colony of bees and their homes (honeycomb or hives) is a delicate process that should not be attempted without professional assistance.

Even bees that die (say from someone spraying the hive) can cause problems in the home. First of all, dead bees just like most creatures, will stink. The longer they stay there and the more deceased bees in the area, the worse the odor will become. Dead creatures of any kind will also attract other critters as a free meal. This could mean larger problems from centipedes to mice in the home feeding off the dying bee population. If the bees are gone (or dead) but the honeycomb was not handled it could start to drain in or onto the walls, floors and other parts of the home. This creates hard to remove stains. Possibly the worst side effect of sorts from dead bees is the attraction they create for new bees. Additional colonies will often move into the hive of the old colony or spread to other areas of the home. Have a professional inspect the property and provide a quote for Bee Removal in Oceanside. Not only will the home be free of bees, but the other creatures attracted by their odor will also dissipate.


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