Consider a Japanese Pond or Water Feature to add Oriental Style to your Garden

When deciding to re-design your garden, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. By hiring a company specializing in Landscaping Norfolk, you can ensure that your dream garden is just around the corner.

Oriental Style

A great way to add a touch of the orient to your garden is with a Japanese pond or water feature. It’s easy to find inspiration online, with hundreds of websites offering advice and pictures to give you ideas for your perfect water feature. But what makes a pond or water feature specifically Japanese? Follow these tips and ensure your garden becomes an oasis of Zen and tranquility.

Flowing Water

The Japanese believe that water should flow naturally from its source, so forget about complicated electric pumps and get back to nature with a simple, natural water feature such as a ‘Shishi Odoshi’ or ‘Deer Scarer’. A rod of bamboo is hollowed out and secured on a wooden frame. The bamboo cane fills up with water and eventually, the weight empties it back into the pond and the cycle begins again. This type of water feature is particularly popular in Japanese inspired gardens.

Light up your World

Lighting is an important part of any oriental pond or garden, and by choosing Japanese lanterns to add to your pond, you will ensure a feeling of authenticity. Hiring a company who specialize in Landscaping Norfolk and can advise you on all aspects of your garden design, as well as securing supplies and carrying out the work is vital, as installing a pond and water feature is a huge task that requires time, dedication and experience. Why not opt for a traditional Rankei Lantern, which has an ornately curved pedestal allowing the lantern to hang out over the water, creating beautiful reflections. Motoji lanterns are an especially good choice for ponds and have long, graceful legs which cast stunning reflections in the water.

Koi Fish

No Japanese pond is complete without the addition of fish, and whatever fish you choose, ensure that they are appropriate for the size of your pond! Koi fish, whilst especially beautiful, can grow to 3 feet long and require a lot of space for swimming, so are not suitable for small, ornamental ponds. If you do choose Koi for your pond, make sure to add some much needed shade in the form of Japanese water lilies – these fish don’t like the hot sun!

However you choose to design your Japanese inspired pond or water feature, always hire a reliable Landscaping contractor to carry out the work, from design stage through to completion. This way you can be sure that your garden will look perfect for years to come!

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