Nov 25, 2013

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Consequences of Driving Without Auto Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Las Vegas, Nevada is constantly working to keep uninsured motorists off of the roads. Almost every state is taking every action necessary in order to make sure that all drivers are insured. Uninsured drivers have been a problem on roads throughout the United States for many years. They are often some of the worst and most dangerous drivers who will often take that risk of driving without insurance. Here are the consequences that you will face if you drive without Auto Insurance in Las Vegas, NV.

You or your insurance agent is required to report any and all changes in your insurance status to the DMV in Las Vegas, Nevada. This includes any changes in policy numbers, lapses in coverage or newly insured vehicles. If it is determined that unreported changes have occurred, you are likely to get a request from the DMV to update your insurance and registration records. If you neglect to do so, you are likely to face fines and penalties.

Always make sure you get insurance before you register any vehicle. Failure to do so could also result in penalties or fines that will be assessed by the state. They will naturally assume that you are driving the vehicle without insurance if you do not provide verification that you are an insured driver.

If the DMV is unable to verify your auto insurance, you are going to get a ticket. If you do not respond to their request for verification, you could face a suspension of your vehicle registration. The minute you are able to verify your insurance information, you must pass this information on to the state. This will keep your registration from being jeopardized.

If you are ticketed by law enforcement for lack of insurance, you will have a specific period of time to present proof of insurance to the DMV. Failure to do so could result in your registration being suspended. You may also end up having your drivers license revoked as well as additional fines and fees to pay.

The consequences of driving without Auto Insurance in Las Vegas, NV are not worth risking it. Always make sure you at least have the state required minimum insurance on any vehicle you drive.


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