Dec 29, 2014

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Concrete, Corporate Flooring you Never Thought Possible

When you think about concrete flooring, immediately your mind jumps to a warehouse shopping center and the plain grey flooring which spans the full building. Let’s be honest, you never really think about concrete flooring as a thing of beauty. In truth, concrete floors can be unbelievably attractive! Introducing acid staining, a remarkable technique which gives a properly trained team the ability to add color and design to a normally dull floor, whilst creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Giving your corporate building a very professional and welcoming look with an acid stained concrete floor will not only capture the eyes of potential clients, but also provide durability and ease of care to your polished surface.

Acid staining is a chemically induced reaction which causes color to appear on the concrete. A mixture of water, acid and inorganic salts combined with new or even old concrete can create some stunning effects. Color patterns will vary from location to location, even on the same flooring surface, due to different mineral densities spread throughout a concrete floor. Done correctly, you can create a beautiful marble like pattern on your floor which would be the envy of most high end offices. This effect has its best results on a smoother concrete surface which lacks a significant amount of wear or exposed aggregate.

Corporate flooring doesn’t only need to be attractive, but it also needs to be simple to care for.  The easier a surface is to maintain, the more money can be saved on janitorial solutions. Concrete flooring, even acid etched flooring, can be extremely easy to care for.  The typical maintenance is a simple mopping with soapy water. You will have to occasionally apply a good floor sealer unless the surface is polished. By protecting the top layer of the floor you will increase the life expectancy of the staining.

Using the proper maintenance techniques will prevent the stain from appearing worn. Technically, acid staining doesn’t fade, but can appear like it is fading when bare concrete flooring has high foot traffic. Corporate flooring should always have the proper protection on the floor to increase the durability and increase the longevity of their investment.

If you’re looking for high quality corporate flooring, acid stained or not, and you are located in the Chicago area then you should certainly visit Concrete Finishers Inc. With over a decade of experience in concrete flooring in the corporate sector, you will be very happy with their services. They are definitely worthy of your consideration when choosing your next flooring investment.

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