Nov 15, 2013

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Concerns about metal roofs?

So, you’ve been thinking about putting on a metal roof. You’ve weighed up the costs and life-span of metal versus other products (such as wood or slate) and are almost sure that metal is the way to go. You’ve just got a couple of niggling doubts that need answering?

Well, look no further. The Metal Alliance is an organization founded in 1998 by a group of metal roofing contractors to help offer advice and education on metal roofs to consumers. On their website they answer a few common queries.

Are you worried it won’t look right?
Metal roofing can come in a wide variety of styles in a number of colors (it doesn’t necessarily look like we imagine metal roofs might look in our heads!) and it can look like other materials, e.g. wood or slate. The benefit is that it is obviously stronger and will last longer.

Are you worried it will be too heavy?
Well, don’t be! Surprisingly to most consumers, metal roofs can be much lighter than other types of material. So much so, that structural weight is not a problem that you need to consider.

Are you worried it will be noisy?
If you put on a metal roof, you can also put on sheathing. This will stop the rain or other types of weather from being very loud on your metal roof.

Are you worried it won’t perform well under the stress of really bad weather?
Metal roofs are given a wind rating of 140 mph so they can take winds of up to that speed and still perform well. It is also a very good option for houses where large deposits of snow are common or likely. Show falls off metal roofs very quickly thus making sure the structure of your roof is not damaged in any way from large build-ups of snow or ice. This also means that leaks are less likely to happen as a result. It is also a good choice in areas where wild fires are a possibility; metal roofs will protect your house.

If you are considering metal roofing in Flower Mound TX, it can be a great alternative (over the whole life span of your house) because whilst it may be more expensive it may last longer than other products and perform well in extreme weather conditions. Do you research and seek expert advice.

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