Aug 4, 2015

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Complying With Auto Insurance Laws Through Affordable Auto Insurance Offices

Complying With Auto Insurance Laws Through Affordable Auto Insurance Offices

All Texas residents with registered vehicles are subject to auto insurance mandates. The state of Texas requires these vehicle owners to fulfill the national mandate for liability auto insurance. Any registered vehicle owner who doesn’t comply with these requirements will incur penalties.

What are the Mandatory Liability Insurance Requirements?

Currently, drivers must purchase a liability policy that pays up to $30,000 for the first victim of an auto accident. The policy pays up to $60,000 for all injuries sustained by all passengers and drivers. Any property damage is covered under this policy up to $25,000. To acquire the required coverage, contact Affordable Auto Insurance Offices today.

Identifying the Accountable Driver

After an accident, law enforcement identifies what driver’s actions caused the accident. This driver is listed on the accident report as at-fault. Since Texas is a fault state, this driver must pay for medical coverage and auto repairs for any victims identified. They are responsible for filing a claim with their insurance provider after the accident is reported.

When Drivers Don’t Have Insurance

At any time that a driver doesn’t have auto insurance, they could face penalties. These vehicle owners could face a fine of $350 for the first offense. The registration for their vehicle and their driver’s license may be suspended.

If this driver is involved in an accident, the victims won’t receive immediate coverage for their expenses. To prevent this possibility, vehicle owners could increase their coverage level to comprehensive. They could also purchase under-insured motorist coverage. Comprehensive insurance pays for these expenses regardless of who is at fault. Under-insured motorist coverage pays if the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough coverage.

However, all accident victims have the right to file a formal claim against the accountable driver. They must file this claim before the two year statute of limitation runs out. The nature of their injuries determines how much they receive in damages.

All vehicle owners in Texas are required to maintain their auto insurance policies. It doesn’t matter if they operate the vehicle on a daily basis or not. If the vehicle is registered in their name, they cannot cancel their insurance policy. To fulfill this financial responsibility, vehicle owners could purchase a policy through Affordable Auto Insurance Offices by visiting today.

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