Common Treatment Options for Dealing with and Overcoming Hammertoe

Your feet are important to your ability to live and carry out normal activities without experiencing pain or discomfort. However, when you suffer from certain podiatric conditions, you may find it difficult to stand, walk or even drive.

Rather than live with any of them, you can undergo professional treatment for a condition like hammertoe in Joliet. These treatment options are a few that are available to you today.


Depending on how bad the condition is, it could warrant treatment like surgery on your feet. Surgery can be recommended if your doctor needs to straighten out bones or remove cartilage. He or she may also recommend surgery if you suffer from pinched or damaged nerves in your feet.

Surgery will require you to take time off from your work or daily routine, however. You also may need to use a mobility device like crutches or a walker during your recovery.


If your hammertoe in Joliet is not severe, it could be corrected by wearing braces on your feet. The braces push and tug muscles in your toes back into normal alignment. They do this with minimal discomfort and may allow you to continue with your normal schedule each day without much interruption.

You can find out more about your treatment options for hammertoe in Joliet online. To schedule a consultation, you can contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates to set up an appointment.

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