Apr 29, 2019

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Common Situations That Require An Electrician

There are many basic tasks and repairs that every homeowner deals with on a regular basis that can be done with a little bit of research and the right tools by the homeowner him or herself. The important thing is to recognize when you are qualified to handle the problem yourself, and when you should call in a professional. If you simply need a light fixture changed, a ceiling fan installed, or a new outlet installed, you can likely handle the problem yourself. But if you are having electrical problems with your home, and are thinking of fixing the problem yourself, consider the following situations that signify you should contact an electrical contractor in Irvine, CA.

If you have to flip your circuit breakers occasionally, this itself is not a huge problem. If you are resetting your circuit breakers on a regular basis, you may need to call an electrical contractor in Irvine, CA. This could mean that you have overloaded your circuits and they need to be replaced. This is not a job for the average do-it-yourself, and you’ll want an experienced electrician to handle the job.

Do you notice that your lights seem to dim when any major appliance comes on? If your lights dim when your air conditioner or refrigerator come on, you may be dealing with a drop in voltage that can be problematic for your home’s electrical system. If you notice these situations in your home, you should immediately contract an electrician before the problem becomes too serious.

Any time you smell a burning odor that seems electric and is accompanied by the flickering of lights in your home, you should immediately contact an electrical contractor in Irvine, CA. This can be a sign that your wire connections aren’t touching and that electrical arcing is occurring. Any burning or sparks from your outlets or electrical appliances should immediately encourage you to contact an electrician.

Outlets can be quickly overloaded if too many extension cords and appliances are run through the same outlet. This can quickly become a fire hazard, and the problem is best avoided by installing additional outlets. Unless you have extensive experience and training as an electrician, you should call a professional to handle the job.

Most electricians have the ability to handle the smallest electrical tasks to the more complicated tasks of rewiring an entire home. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the project in front of you, it’s better safe than sorry, and you should contact an electrical contractor in Irvine, CA to assess the problem. Many house fires are created due to faulty wiring, and it’s often simply not worth taking the chance.

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