Jun 14, 2019

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Common Signs it’s Time for Combination Washer Dryer Repairs in Henderson, NV

Common Signs it’s Time for Combination Washer Dryer Repairs in Henderson, NV

Combination washer dryers are extremely convenient. They allow homeowners to save space in their laundry rooms and make it easier to get the laundry done efficiently.

Even name-brand washer dryers won’t last forever, though, and most homeowners don’t give much thought to these appliances until something begins to go wrong. They can read on to find out about a few of the most common signs that it’s time for Combination Washer Dryer Repairs in Henderson NV to get a better idea of when it might be appropriate to call a repair technician.

Water Problems

There are a few issues that tend to come up with the washing machine components of combination washer dryers. A washer that is in good shape will fill with water, get the clothes clean, and drain 100% of the water once the rinse cycle is completed. If there isn’t enough water making its way into the drum, the issue might be something as simple as a clogged filter, or it may be something more serious.

When the water doesn’t drain completely, it’s usually an issue with the drain hose or the pump. These problems can typically be fixed with Combination Washer Dryer Repairs in Henderson NV, so don’t rush out to buy a new appliance. Instead, call an expert who can offer a definitive diagnosis and advice about whether it will be worth the money to have the machine repaired.

Excessive Noise

Neither washing machines nor dryers should be generating excessive noise while in operation. If they are banging around, rattling, or producing other strange sounds, it’s best to take action immediately. The issue may be that one or both components of the combination washer dryer are off-balance or a sign of impending mechanical failure.

Clothes Won’t Dry

It doesn’t do much good to have clean clothes if the dryer isn’t getting them dry enough. Before calling a repair technician, check to make sure there are no bends in the dryer’s air duct and the vent isn’t clogged.

Get Professional Help

Whether homeowners are having trouble with their washers or dryers, they’ll almost always need professional help getting these machines back into working order. Visit us online or call to schedule an inspection today.

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