Common Roofing Errors and How to Avoid Them

Have you noticed small brown spots on your ceilings? Maybe your shingles are curling up, or you noticed that some tabs are missing. This usually means you need a new roof and you don’t want to wait too long. You could contact local roofing companies in Gig Harbor WA about new roofing or do it yourself. If you plan a DIY job, here are some common mistakes you’ll want to avoid.


It is so easy to go over your old roofing when you re-roof your home. There is no need to go through all the hard work of tearing off and disposing of the old shingles, applying new roof felt and drip edge, and marking where you want to place the new shingles. However, this can be a big mistake and here is why.

Everywhere your old roof is sunken or misshaped; your new roof will have the same shape. This can make it easier for water to collect and pond. Excess moisture can shorten the life of your new roof by years, and you may have rotted wood underneath. It’s more work and expensive to replace everything, but you’ll get the best service from your new roof with this strategy. That is why many local roofing companies in Rockville MD recommend complete roof replacements.

Improper Ventilation

Your roof may need more vents that it currently has. This can cause excessive buildup of heat and moisture inside your attic if you have insufficient venting.

Nails Too Short

Make sure to use roofing nails long enough for the job. This can ruin an otherwise good roofing installation. If you want to avoid all these mistakes, contact local roofing companies in Rockville MD for an estimate on a new roof. This is the only way to be sure everything is installed properly. You won’t have to risk injury either.

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