Common Reasons Why You Might Need Boat Dock Repairs in 83638

Nothing in this world was meant to last forever, and that includes your dock. With the right construction, it can last for a long time. However, at some point, you will need boat docks repair 83638. Below are some of the common issues that will require repairs to keep your dock functional and safe.

The Dock Supports Become Rotten

Being exposed to the elements and water will take a toll on your dock. Whether it is constructed from wood, metal or composite materials, if you notice any warping, cracking or rot on the support structures, then you need to get these repaired. Ignoring the issue can led to a these supports failing, which could damage your boat and/or cause injury. Getting them repaired as soon as possible is in your best interest.

The Underwater Foundation or Platform Gets Damaged

Pillars and foundations are often added to docks to keep them permanently in place. Over time and from exposure to certain elements in the water, damage to these structures can occur. When that happens, this can make your dock unsafe. Since these elements are underwater and hard to access, having professionals come in, inspect and do any boat docks repair 83638 necessary will keep your dock in good shape and functional.

Wood Rot

If your dock is made from wood, there is a chance it will experience rot. If only certain boards are cracked and crumbling, then these can be replaced with new, treated boards. This will ensure that your dock works the way it should and doesn’t become a hazard for you or your boat.

Make the Necessary Repairs

If your dock is in need of repairs, contact Inland Marine LLC. They have the skilled professionals to get your dock functioning the way it should to keep you and your boat safe.

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