Common Reasons To Outsource Custom Circuit Board Design

During the design process of a new part, component, device or system, one of the big considerations will be the choice of designing and manufacturing internally or outsourcing some or all of the work.

For most OEMs, outsourcing custom circuit board design is a good option, even if there are engineers in-house who may have some experience and expertise in the design of PCBs (printed circuit boards).

The biggest reason to outsource custom circuit board design is simply the level of expertise required to create streamlined, low-cost PCBs with long life cycles and the ability to do what is required. When considering if contracting with the expertise or doing the PCB design in-house is the best option, consider the following issues.

More Than A Modification

If the new PCB required is simply an upgrade or a modification of a PCB used in another part, component, device or system, it may be just as fast to do the modification in-house. This, of course, depends on the specifics of the modification and if the in-house team has the expertise and experience to quickly and easily reconfigure the design.

Full Understanding Of Possible Component Options

The options in PCBs continue to evolve and multiply. Today, different PCBs will include a range of components not considered even a decade ago. These component options, manufacturing processes and unique solutions to custom board designs may be missed if the in-house team is simply unaware of the possibilities.

Faster Time To Market

When outsourcing custom circuit board design, you are hiring a company specializing in this technology. These professionals are able to turn around orders much faster than any in-house team and also provide full testing of the design. They can also move from this stage into PCB assembly, which can significantly impact the time to market.

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