Jan 27, 2014

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Common Questions Regarding Metal Roofs Middletown DE

Metal Roofs Middletown DE are considered a premium product and cost a bit more than traditional fiberglass or asphalt shingle roofs; however, a metal roof may also cost a significant amount less than a number of the higher end architectural shingles that are now sold. Additionally, there are a number of other benefits and advantages offered by the installation of a metal roof. Some of these advantages and the most common questions are highlighted here.

How Does Rain or Hail Affect a Metal Roof?

When it rains, there is no additional noise compared to when it rains on a traditional shingle roof. Additionally, a metal roof is extremely resistant to suffering from damage due to hail. In fact, there is a number of Metal Roofs Middletown DE that offers the highest level of impact resistance. There are even a number of insurance companies that will provide you with a reduced rate for the installation of metal roofs.

Are Metal Roofs Middletown DE Fire Safe?

When you install a steel roof, you have the highest level of fire safety available. In fact, a metal roof is considered a noncombustible roofing material and holds a Class “A” rating, which is the highest level of rating that is given.

How Does the Appearance of a Metal Roof Hold Up?

When you install a metal roof it is coated with galvalume, which is extremely corrosion resistant. Additionally, most Metal Roofs Middletown DE is usually offered with some type of warranty, the most common being for 50 years. Additionally, metal roofs are finished with high-performance paint that fight against signs of weathering and fading.

Is it Required to Remove the Old Roof when Re-Roofing with a Metal Roof?

In most cases, your old roof will not have to be removed when you are installing Metal Roofs Middletown DE over the existing composition, fiberglass or asphalt shingles. In the majority of situations the metal roof is able to be installed directly onto the older roof. Keep in mind, if the shingles are more than two layers thick, they will have to be removed prior to the new metal roof installation.



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