Mar 25, 2014

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Common Questions About Renting A Storage Unit In Beaumont

When you need to rent a Storage Unit in Beaumont, you want convenience, security, safety and affordability. Whether you’re storing household goods while moving or important business documents, you want the assurance that your property will be in the same condition as you left it. Below are some questions that are often asked about renting a storage unit.

Q.) My business is moving to a new location in TX and I have to store some valuable files before moving into my new building. How can I be sure that my business documents are safe?
A.) You’ll have your own lock and key, so no one will be able to get into your storage unit but you. In addition, there are computerized security gates, 24 hour surveillance cameras, and the property is fenced and lighted, so you won’t have to worry about your important documents being stolen. The units are climate controlled so papers won’t ruin from the changes in the weather.
Q.) I have to store some furniture for several months while traveling. Is there any chance that mice or insects can damage my furniture while it’s in the Storage Unit in Beaumont?
A.) The owner of the unit provides pest control services so that rodents and bugs won’t get into the storage units and damage your personal property. The units are located inside of a building, so there’s less chance of bugs or rodents getting inside.
Q.) I have to move all of my furniture and belongings out of my home and I have a four bedroom home. Are your units big enough to hold everything I own?
A.) Storage units are available for rent in many sizes and the largest unit measures 10 feet by 30 feet, which is big enough to hold the contents of a five bedroom house. Smaller units are also available if you need more room than the largest unit holds.
Storage Depot in TX offers climate controlled and pest free storage units so your possessions will be safe. Visit their website at to contact them about renting a storage unit for commercial or household use.

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