Oct 11, 2013

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Common Problems That Require Columbus, Ohio Air conditioning repair.

Air conditioning problems are never fun, especially in the hot days of summer. Believe it or not, the most common source of air conditioning problems is the improper running of your system. By not closing window and doors, you system will have to overwork itself to maintain the thermostat temperature. The unit will usually freeze over due to this overworking and make you think that you need Columbus, Ohio Air conditioning repair. The following are a few more common problems you may experience with your air conditioning system.


If you discover that your refrigerant is low, the cause may be undercharging during Columbus, Ohio Air conditioning repair or a leak in your system. If it is found to be a leak, simply adding refrigerant will not fix the problem. The technician doing your Columbus, Ohio Air conditioning repair should be able to detect and fix any leak in your system. You should note that your system will not work efficiently or correctly without the full amount of refrigerant.

Failure to Maintenance

By allowing your air filters to become worn and clogged with dust, you are making your system work harder. You should change your filter monthly and have your system looked at before every summer. If any issues are found during your Columbus, Ohio Air conditioning repair, it is better to fix them than to let it get worse and shut down during the hot summer months. By performing this routine maintenance, you run the risk of having to replace your entire unit, which is a very costly undertaking.

Electronic Controls

If you notice that your air conditioner cuts on and off frequently, you may be dealing with an oversized system. As common with a system that is too big, the compress and cooling fan controls can wear out very rapidly. These sensors can also become worn or broken due to loose electrical connections, which can happen over time due to the vibration of a system that is working too hard.

If you find yourself in need of Columbus Ohio Air Conditioning Repair you need to ensure you employ a knowledgeable and reputable company. You should check the companies licenses and also any referrals they offer you. This is a great way to validate the legitimacy of a company’s claims.

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