Common Problems Caused by Improper Commercial Metal Roof Installation

If you have leaks in your metal roof, the problem may not be storm damage. In fact, improper installation is the culprit for many problems which require commercial metal roof repair in San Antonio. Here are some common issues which may be the result of a poor installation.

Installing Screws

Many metal roofs need screws for assembly. Some installers fail to realize the importance of proper screw driving, and the result is a leaky roof. Roofing screws have rubber washers which prevent leaks after the screws are installed. However, these screws must be installed tightly. They cannot be installed at an angle or too tightly, or you may have to call for commercial metal roof repair in San Antonio.

Sometimes a roofer may miss the wood frame or metal strut when installing screws. When this happens, it is like installing drywall nails and missing the stud. The screw cannot do its job, and this can weaken the installation. In some cases, the roofer may want to save time or labor and not install all the screws in each panel. This can be a costly mistake.

Rubber Boots

When your roofing contractor reinstalls boots or flashing for vents or stacks, they should be replaced with new flashing. These boots can crack or lose their shape over time, and the result is a leaky roof. It is not good enough to just apply more roofing tar as this can make water pond at the seal.

Avoiding Common Installation Problems

The best way to avoid commercial metal roof repair in San Antonio due to improper installation is to use a trusted and experienced roofing company. They know how to install metal roofs, so no problems develop. If you already have leaks, they have all the right tools and equipment to take care of them.

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