Common Pest Control In Florida

Every year Florida is host to thousands of tourists. Some, such as the Canadian Snowbirds, live in this state for half the year. For these and other full and part time residents, there are other entities that have settled here because of the weather. Unlike in many parts of the United States, the pest population does not need to hibernate. This is why pest control services in Lake Mary and other parts of Florida, are in constant demand.

The various pests who live in Florida, rarely take time off. They can spend all day and night all year working away. As a result, daily they move around busily trying to destroy your garden, blight your landscape efforts and/or, as in the case of such pests as termites, devour your residence and any other wooden structure. Pest control services in Lake Mary are, as a result, an integral part of the business environment.

Pest Control in Lake Mary: Basic Pests

If you live in Florida, you will find yourself cohabiting with various pests. Pest control services in Lake Mary are often called out to deal with the following:

Ants: Ants are tough. They multiply quickly and can take over your property. In Florida, the most common type of ants are the Argentine ant, the Florida carpenter ant and the Pharaoh ant. Among these, the Pharaoh ant is not only the most common type in Florida, it is also the hardest to control.

Bed Bugs: Although small in size, bedbugs are hungry little creatures. They can quickly invade your home making the lives of humans and pets miserable – particularly if anyone is allergic.

Cockroaches: cockroaches are another household pest that is difficult to remove. There are four different species in the United States. In Florida, the most common type is the German cockroach. Since these insects are difficult to remove, don’t waste time, contact pest control in Lake Mary as soon as you suspect your residence has them.

Rodents: Rats and mice are common enough invaders of homes in Florida. Although many people may find them cute, they are anything but harmless since they can cause health problems.

Spiders: Spiders are a common in most places around the world. In Florida, several exist. This would not be a problem for some except this state has two poisonous ones. These are widow spiders and recluse spiders. If you suspect you have venomous spiders, or simply do not like them indoors or roaming your property, contact professionals in the business.

Termites: Termites are expensive guests. They can literally and figuratively destroy your home. Depending upon the type of termite invasion, and they are never alone, you will require professionals in order to make the problem go away.

Call Pest Control Services in Lake Mary

If you suspect you have unwanted guests living in your home, do not hesitate, call in the professionals. Companies such as G&H Pest Control and quickly assess the situation. They can then arrange to take remedial measures. After the necessary and even follow-up treatment occurs, the “guests” will be gone and you will finally get your home back.

If you are looking for quality Pest Control Services in Lake Mary, consider the reliability of G&H Pest Control. A locally owned business, it has been a trusted name in this community for more than 25 years. To learn more about us, our professional technicians and friendly services, visit us online at website.

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