Feb 18, 2015

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Common Mistakes That Are Made When Filing For Divorce

Perhaps the biggest mistake than anyone involved in a divorce can make is failure to hire a lawyer, however, there are also a number of mistakes that can have a significant impact on the outcome of the action. Using the children as pawns is frowned upon as is concealing assets which are truly marital in nature and owned jointly by both parties. A divorce lawyer in Boise is an absolute necessity; if you are not aware of how your actions can have an impact on the proceedings you can easily find yourself running afoul of the law, settling for far less in terms of the financial aspect and child custodial rights.

In life most people will face stressful situations; facing a divorce action is just one of them. Due to the stress it is understandable that the couple can make errors in judgment when it comes to important issues such as determining who will become the primary custodian of the children and how the marital assets will be distributed. These are decisions that should not be made under duress as the results can easily be unfair to one of the parties. This is why it is so important to have a divorce lawyer in Boise; someone who knows what your rights are under law and someone to guide you as important decisions are made.

Another quite common problem, one can cause considerable problems is when one spouse purposefully hides assets from the other. Not only is this deceit an issue during the divorce it can be problematic even if it is not unearthed until after the divorce becomes final. A divorce lawyer in Boise will want his or her client to provide a true and comprehensive list of the marital assets along with an open and complete understanding of any financial arrangements made by the couple; only in this way can the lawyers help their clients determine a fair property division. There are many cases on record where one member of the marriage lead a secret and clandestine financial life, one in which there were significant assets or worse, significant debts. Should this information be withheld from the court it can be seen as fraud and what was a simple civil case of divorce becomes a complicated criminal case.

The court takes a dim view if one or the other parties becomes involved in a romantic engagement before the divorce is finalized. In many cases such as this the other spouse will often become very vindictive and balk at making any fair decisions; this can be especially true if the children were already introduced to the new partner.

Divorce can be stressful enough, to avoid making any errors that can make the situation even worse you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Boise to advise and guide you. You are invited to contact Finch ~ O’Neil Law Office, P.A.

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