May 20, 2014

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Common Methods of Making Graphic T Shirts

For many new t shirt designers, the most important thing is to have an easy and effective way to mass produce their product. The only way that you can get a new graphic t shirt company off of the ground is by keeping costs low and profit margins high. There are many different methods of producing graphic t shirts, which means you need to do your homework. You need to find the method of production that best suits your needs and budget. Here are a few of the most common methods of producing graphic t shirts.

Standard Screen Printing

One of the most common methods of producing graphic t shirts is screen printing. This method involves taking the image being put on the shirt and dissecting each color in the design and then putting them on films designed for printing. The film is then used to burn onto a silk screen and is then covered with an emulsion that is sensitive to light. After the emulsion process is completed, the screen is then used to print the design color by color onto the shirt. This method is effective and very time consuming, which means the amount of shirts you will be able to produce will be limited.

Oversized Printing

Another very popular process of producing graphic t shirts is oversized printing, which is used to cover the entire front of the shirt with the chosen design. This method is used on designs that don’t need to be printed onto the seams or collars. The method of producing an oversized print is very similar to screen printing, which means it is also very time consuming. If you are looking to produce a high volume of shirts in a short amount of time, then oversized printing probably isn’t for you.

Heat Transfer

One of the most effective methods of printing is heat transfer. This process is usually achieved with Iron on T Shirt Transfers that are put on with a heat press. This method is very easy and quick, which means you will be able to produce a high volume of product in a relatively short amount of time. The equipment involved in this method of printing is very inexpensive, which is ideal for up and coming t shirt companies. You will be able to start making your product with having to break the bank by choosing heat transfer as your method of printing.

Iron On T Shirt Transfers are a great way to produce a quality product and you can find them at Gulfside Heat Transfers.

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