Mar 4, 2014

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Common Medical Uses For A 3 CC Syringe

Syringes are one of the most common and well-known pieces of medical equipment available. They are basic tools consisting of a barrel, a plunger and a needle attached or detached at the nozzle. They come in a variety of sizes among which the 3 cc syringe is among the most common.
What is a 3 CC Syringe?
A syringe is a device for delivering to or removing fluids from body cavities, tissue or blood. It is a common means of introducing medication of various types into the body. This type is usually referred to as a hypodermic or medical syringe. Syringes are commonly associated with hospitals and visits to the family doctor, but they are also used in dentistry. A dental syringe introduces anesthetic solution into the required sites.
No matter what the type of syringe, measurements are important. In the medical profession, measurements are recorded in one of two ways: cubic centimeters (cc) or milliliters (ml). The two means of measuring volume are almost equivalent. As a result, a 3 cc syringe is identical to a 3 ml one. They both hold precisely the same amount of fluid. The number 3 indicates the maximum the syringe can contain. Yet, it is important to note that not all 3 cc syringes are the same. They may vary according to the type or size of needle. It may be short and wide, thin and long or variations on these themes.
Uses for a 3 CC Syringe
A 3 cc syringe is commonly applied in several different types of injections. These include the following methods

 *   Subcutaneous (SQ): A 3 cc syringe can be utilized in this manner particularly for injections made in the abdomen or the anterior and lateral parts of the upper arm or thigh.
 *   Intramuscular (IM): If a 3 cc syringe is employed, it needs to have a 20 – 23 gauge, 1 to 2 inch long needle. The former is for those of more slender built and lighter weight; the latter is for clients who are obese
 *   Dorsogluteal (Upper Outer Quadrant): Needles between 1 and 3 cc are applicable but they must have a 20 to 23 gauge, 1 to ½ inch long needle.
 *   VentroglutealComments: Possible to use a needle up to 3 cc but employ a 20 to 23 gauge, 1- ½ inch long needle.

A 3 cc syringe is comparable to a 3 ml one. This type of medical device is a simple medical tool designed to inject or remove precisely 3 cc of fluid. The site of application will vary according to the medication, the medical issue and the needle length and gauge. If you are self-injecting, talk to your doctor to make sure the volume, needle size, width and site are all compatible and accurate. Are you in need of one or more of a 3cc Syringe? Consider Bulk Syringes.

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