Aug 8, 2015

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Common Issues that Require Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Cedar Rapids

Common Issues that Require Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Cedar Rapids

Summer temperatures in Cedar Rapids can seem relentless. However, this makes driving around in a vehicle with an air conditioner that is either not working or not functioning properly extremely uncomfortable. If an individual has a vehicle where the A/C isn’t working properly, auto air conditioning repair in Cedar Rapids may be required. It’s usually best to have a professional handle this type of repair as there are many different issues that could arise with the A/C in an automobile.

One of the first culprits is low coolant levels. Often times, refilling the coolant will take care of the problem. However, the coolant doesn’t dissipate over time. As long as the system is sealed, the coolant level should be consistent. If the coolant level is low, this typically indicates a leak in the system. An auto A/C technician will typically do a dye test to see if this is an issue. Colored coolant is injected into the system and the system is inspected for potential leaks.

One of the major players in an auto A/C unit is the condenser. This helps to cool coolant vapors as they exit the compressor. The condenser is much like a radiator. If it becomes clogged with debris or dirt, it won’t be able to properly cool the vapors, and this could result in an air conditioner that doesn’t cool the car properly. In some cases, the condenser will need to be flushed internally in order to clean up the debris. In other cases, if the condenser is damaged, it may have to be replaced.

Another common problem is mechanical failures with the compressor. Valves that aren’t working properly, pressure switches that malfunction or the compressor clutch can account for these mechanical problems. Unfortunately, since this is a sealed system, the compressor will likely need to be replaced as repairs are extremely difficult if not impossible to make.

The fact is, this is only a few of the various problems that may require Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Cedar Rapids. The best thing to do is to take your vehicle into a repair facility that specializes in AC repairs. These technicians can diagnose the problem and get to work on repairing it as quickly as possible. If you need to know more information about your AC unit, or about scheduling an appointment, you can simply Contact Us.

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