Common Errors Seen by WordPress Support in Denver

While WordPress is quite user-friendly, there are a few typical WordPress mistakes to be aware of. The good news is that the WordPress issue you’re experiencing on your site was probably reported and fixed by someone else before you. Nobody wants to wait around for an answer from WordPress Support in Denver unless it’s the only option they have, so we will go over a few of the most commonly seen errors with WordPress.

We at WP Support Denver can’t stress enough to always have a complete backup before you start trying to fix anything.

Fixing Syntax Errors

A syntax error is one of the most common ones we see at WordPress Support in Denver. It typically occurs when a person is trying to add various code snippets into their WordPress website. The error pops up because something is missing or the code doesn’t have the correct syntax.

The most common issue is that the code is missing a bracket, or something has been accidentally added to the code string. Always double-check the snippet to ensure that nothing is missing or that a character hasn’t been added.

White Screen

When you encounter a white screen, it usually signifies that a script on your website has reached its memory limit. A badly written theme or plugin placed on your site might also cause this issue. It may occur if there is a problem with your web hosting server. Because a variety of factors can cause the white screen issue, it necessitates thorough troubleshooting.

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