Apr 29, 2015

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Common Dangers for Motorcycle Riders

If you are considering going for your Motorcycle License in Ontario area you should become familiar with some of the most common dangers motorcyclists can face. Here are a few tips to help prepare you for risks and hazards on the road.

Hidden in the Blind Spot

Drivers can have difficulty seeing motorcycle riders in their rear view mirrors. Because of the size of your motorcycle it is easy to be driving in a blind spot where fellow drivers can’t see you. Make sure you remain visible and take special caution when passing. Slow down and make eye contact, or speed up to get out of their blind spot, as long as you can do so safely. Remember a lot of drivers out there only use their mirrors when making a move to change lanes instead of looking over their shoulder to be safe.

Bad Roads and Debris

A car has four wheels to keep you balanced even when you hit unexpected uneven surfaces such as pot holes. On a motorcycle keeping your balance can be a lot more difficult especially if you hit a pot hole or a sprinkling of gravel or road salt. It is very important therefore to pay special attention to the road ahead so you are able to safely slow down and manoeuvre in order to avoid dangers. This can also include debris on the road such as parts of a blown out tire or a lost hub cap. Avoid following too close to vehicles with noticeable cargo that can come lose as well.

Other Vehicles Pulling Out

When you are approaching areas where vehicles might pull out in front of you be especially cautious. This includes parking lots and driveways. Some drivers are poor judges of how fast a motorcycle might be moving and will dart out thinking they have time. If you notice cars in driveways, parking lots or side roads slow down a little so you can avoid an accident.


For any driver approaching an intersection can be a dangerous prospect. There is always the chance someone will choose to run a red light, speed up at the tail end of an amber light or try to force their way out into the intersection to make an aggressive turn. Although it is not dangerous for just motorcyclists, it is important for you to pay attention to potential dangers such as cars turning across your path as well as those who might turn left in front of you.

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