Mar 14, 2014

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Common Concerns Owners Have About Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ

If you’re a dog owner, you likely cherish the time you spend with your dog. However, as the owner, you have the responsibility of making sure your pet stays as healthy as possible. Dog Shots serve the purpose of making sure your dog’s health is intact and that they’re safe from illnesses. The following are some common concerns many pet owners have about dog vaccinations.

It’s important to know that all vaccinations are not the same. Many pet owners take their dogs to the veterinarian to get “the vaccination,” however, there are a number of vaccinations available for dogs. Veterinarians generally give vaccinations that depend on the environment the animal lives in. There’s no need to give your dog a vaccination that defends against a particular disease if that particular disease isn’t common in your area. You’ll have to speak to your veterinarian to get the proper recommendation for your pet’s Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ area.

Pregnancy is a very sensitive time for both animals and people. Owners want their dogs to stay healthy during the pregnancy, and this is why many take trips to the vet to request vaccinations. Ideally, owners should refrain from giving their pregnant dogs any type of medical treatment or shot. Why? Some Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ, although helpful, can be very dangerous. Although the mother may receive the vaccination just fine, the vaccination could harm the unborn pups.

Some owners wonder whether or not they can administer vaccinations themselves. There are several online websites that claim to sell vaccinations. Even if these vaccinations are the real deal, most veterinarians advise against giving these vaccinations on your own. There are a number of problems you could run into while giving the injection. For instance, what if your dog has an allergic reactions to the dosage, or you give the wrong dosage? If it’s the cost of the vaccinations that you’re trying to avoid, consider an animal clinic that provides discount vaccinations.

These are just a few of the concerns and questions dog owners have about their pets. Any additional questions you may have about dog shots, or your dogs health, should be addressed by an experienced veterinarian. For more detail on dog shots visit Family VetCare of Chandler.

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