Jul 16, 2018

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Common Causes of Chimney Leak Rockville

Common Causes of Chimney Leak Rockville

With winter approaching, it is essential to keep the chimney and the fireplace system in the best condition. There are common problems that cause Chimney Leak Rockville. The chimney leaks might cause more significant issues in the house when left unattended. Provided are some of the common causes of chimney leaks.

A Cracked or Torn Fireplace Flashing

The flashing is the material commonly made of aluminum that surrounds that chimney part that pokes out of the rooftop. The flashing bends over the two sides of the chimney as well as the roofing shingles. The material keeps water off the chimney. Tar is ideal for sealing the flashing and prevents the flashing leaks. The tar wears out eventually and needs resealing. This is what causes the leaking problems in most cases. An alternative to the tar is the use of sealing products such as FlashSeal that lasts much longer.

Mortar Joints and Bricks Having Cracks

After a long while after building the chimney, the mortar and the cement that holds the chimney together can cause Chimney Leak Rockville. When this happens, probably, the water will fall inside the chimney and eventually the house. Another bad thing that will happen is that the chimney walls will remain wet even long after the rains have stopped. The bricks will absorb a lot of water that will eventually expel into the house. Performing a masonry absorption test is ideal to determine this problem. This involves placing a test tube in the chimney and measuring the amount of time it takes to fill it with water. The results determine whether the chimney bricks need brick sealants.

An Absence of a Chimney Cover

A chimney needs to have a chimney cover to prevent water and other undesirable objects such as birds and bugs from getting into the chimney. This problem can be easily fixed by investing in a quality chimney cover. This will not only prevent water from getting into the chimney but prevent smoke from backing up to the house due to clogging. Clogging can cause CO poisoning and drafting problems.

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